Keeping My Baby

As I anxiously waited for the doctor to return, I remember thinking, “Please God don’t let it be true.” But at that moment the doctor walked in and said the test
is positive, you are pregnant. I began to weep. How could this be? This can’t happen to me! Why God, why me? How will I go to school, travel, tell my
boyfriend (my on-again off-again boyfriend)?

What will my mom say?

What will people think of me?

What about the baby?

So many things to think about but too overwhelmed to find any answers! I was in shock! It took a few days for the fact to soak in that I was pregnant and even
longer than that to muster up the courage to tell anyone. I was so ashamed that I had sex with my boyfriend and now to be pregnant at 17 …what were
people going to think of me? I wasn’t sure but I had to face it.

My mom was shocked, but supportive. She let me know that she would support my choice of placing for adoption or keeping the baby. The baby’s father
offered no positive support; all he could say was that his Dad was going to kill him. He didn’t call for months after that conversation. Eventually, he came to
see Robert but there wasn’t much connection or involvement throughout his life.

I made the decision to keep my baby and become a single parent. I had to give up a lot of the things that are important to young people; spending time with
friends, going to school sport games, traveling, dating, and building hobbies. It wasn’t easy to give it up at first, but it was worth every minute of sacrifice. I
grew to understand that being a good mom was more important than any of those other things – and I did become a good mom.

I also somehow got through school, earned a bachelors degree in Social Work and went on to work with many girls in the same situation I once faced.

As difficult as it was, my life is so much better because of Robert. I can tell you that Robert is grateful for my commitment and even through the hardships that
came with being raised without his father, he always knew that he was loved deeply.

I couldn’t see it at the time, but as I look back…21 years later, I see that Robert was a huge gift to me. That baby that was growing within me had a place in
this world and a purpose for his life. A lot of that purpose was to teach me how to love, how to think of him before me, to show me the true meaning of
unconditional love and how to sacrifice for the betterment of his life. I am so very grateful for the gift of Robert and all the good he has brought to my life. I will
forever be thankful for his life and for the blessing to be called his mom.
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