Adoption - A Closer Look

Although adoption may initially seem like an intimidating, difficult, and emotionally painful choice, it has some very positive and lifelong rewards.  Please take a
few minutes to read about the positive rewards of the adoption option before making a decision for yourself and your baby.

    1. YOU have the power to determine whether you will give your child life . What you will do about that life afterwards can be decided slowly and carefully
    during the remainder of your pregnancy.

    2. The face of adoption has changed dramatically in the last decade. Birthmothers have a lot of control in the decision making process for the kind of
    life they are seeking for their child. Previously, adoptions were shrouded in secrecy and decisions were often made by social service agencies. That is
    no longer the case. Birthmothers and birthfathers are in the driver's seat.

    3. There are basically three kinds of adoption plans:

    A. Closed: you provide some requirements of the adoptive couple and an adoption agency or legal resource will present you with such couples without
    disclosing any identifying information
    B. Semi-open: you provide some requirements of the adoptive couple and, the resources working with you provide you with an intermediary who
    forwards on-going information about your child indirectly so that you can keep in touch.
    C. Open adoption: you choose, meet and have identifying information about the adoptive couple and set up a contract about the amount of openness
    you are comfortable with. Agencies provide you with guidance in this process.
    4. Whichever plan you consider, many state laws permit you to "connect" with your child when he/she becomes an adult.
    5. The Pregnancy Helpline will be a support for you as you explore this option. We can provide you with resources that will not pressure you to make an
    adoption plan, but will encourage you to carefully seek the counseling to make a wise choice. We will be there for you!

    6. We can connect you with women who have chosen an adoption plan for their baby and will answer your questions and address your concerns. They
    will support you through the heartaches and joys of taking that step.
    7. You can look to your future with renewed hope, knowing that you do not need to compromise your value system or put your life on hold, because of
    an unplanned pregnancy.
    8. You incur no expenses financially. Your medical, legal and personal pregnancy-related expenses are the responsibility of the adoptive couple and
    the agency that you work with.

This is only a brief look at adoption. We have worked with many birthmothers and birthfathers and know that it takes a tremendous amount of love, courage,
selflessness and maturity to make an adoption plan for your child. You do not need to do this alone. Call us even if it's only to talk. 507- 332-7644

This information is intended for general educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.
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